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Steven Gardner writes:

We haven’t done much with other media coverage since the ISC-Washington courtship ended. I found a few that were worth noting.

In Spokane they discuss whether NASCAR would ever come east.

“Probably not, though the possibility teases the imagination like the sixth gear on a Ferrari.”

Before ISC’s departure the Bainbridge Island Review took a shot at the NASCAR culture in an editorial about same-day voter registration.

“We concede it’s unlikely that any new-age swamis will be hijacking Washington elections anytime soon (although we wouldn’t put it past NASCAR to bus in a few thousand yokels to vote for a racetrack).”

This isn’t the first reference of this kind from the Review. In April 2005 it opined:

“As to public financing, to be sure, we have recently seen huge public subsidies for Seattle’s baseball and football stadiums. But those were for spectator sports that have proven quite popular for decades, far longer than the faddish spectacle of loud cars droning in circles while yahoos wave Confederate flags in the stands.”

And fellow Covina High School alum Cathy Sorbo referenced NASCAR in a column about the power of saying “no” and compares efforts such as this one to the movie “A Bug’s Life.”

“Fast-forward to the part where the ants realize that if they all band together, they can use their strength of number to force the grasshoppers to back off forever — see what I am getting at?”

Of course, the links and the interest are waning, but we still have a few fish to fry on this.

12 thoughts on “Short Clips

  1. Let’s try this one one for size….

    Bainbridge Island’s own Senator Phil Rockefeller voted IN FAVOR of the Sonics legilsation during the Ways & Means Committee Hearing.

    Talk about 2 faced…that move is shocking, even for good ‘ole Phil. It is amazing that he can sleep at night. He opposed a great benefit for his own county, but then turned around and gave King County this gift. Unreal.

    So Bob is satisfied, the vote was a vocie vote, but those in attendance confirmed he did vote this way and committe staff is collecting signatures before they post results.

  2. NASCAR has learned their lesson in trying to locate in a blue state. I think that they will try to locate east of Boise Idaho next. Football is the most popular sport in our nation. Then comes NASCAR, baseball and then pro-basketball. I think that our legislature will jam basketball down our throats to the tune of 300 million dollars with not a chance of getting it back instead of killing 145 million dollars for a NASCAR track with a chance of getting all of that back.

  3. Here is a piece of news. Your anti sports franchise tax breaks, I only want “what is good for the State” crusader Sen. Phil Rockefeller spoke in favor of the Sonics bill this morning. Looks like the hypocrisy goes from the top down.

    I’ll say it again, you must be proud.

  4. It’s not hypocrisy, because he never wanted NASCAR in the first place right?

    Oh yeah, he was the one who told them to take a look at Kitsap in the first place.

    I guess that it never hurts that the Chair of Ways and Means wants the Sonics in her district.

    Rockefeller no doubt wants something from her, like moving the money from Bremerton Commons to Tim Botkin’s SEED project.

  5. Gordon, Idaho is already building their own speedway.
    Mr. Bronson, Actually, I’m pretty disappointed about Mr. Rockefeller, if this is true. I’m curious, you did want tax subsidies for ISC , right? So, Wouldn’t you be happy if he really is supporting welfare for the Sonics?

  6. Rich,

    Looking at both potential financial upsides I am 99% certain the Sonics could never be a benefit to the general fund or pay for themselves. Although there was risk ISC and NASCAR had a darn good chance of paying for themselves and being a contributor to the general fund and no tax had to be extended to do so.

    That is where I see the difference.

  7. Rich, You keep on showing how uniformed you are. Why do you try to keep blowing something past all of us. There is no “NASCAR” track being built in Idaho. The nearest ones are in California and Michigan. One more reason to build one in the Northwest. But no, you blew it with your rants!

  8. This is the ultimate proof you need of this being more about culture, and cultural insensitivity, than anything else. Fans coming to a Washington race wouldn’t be flying confederate flags. NASCAR is not a “faddish spectacle of loud cars” – it’s had consistent, long term growth. While it may be a new sport to some of the elites at these publications, it has a solid fan base in the NW that wants a track.

  9. Gordon,

    I hate to confuse you with the facts, but Rich never said they were building a NASCAR track in Idaho. All he said was that they were building a speedway.

  10. Thanks Elliot, you are correct and Gordon, as usual, bends words to suit his position, Bremrose 101. Gordon doesn’t see nuances, only black and white.

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