“Back the Track” RV

Christopher Dunagan writes:

If you would like a chance to argue about the proposed speedway directly with track promoters or sign a petition supporting the track, look for a spruced-up RV sporting “Back the Track” logos at an upcoming community event.
Rich Johnson, marketing consultant for Great Western Sports, said he will be attending most of the events where the RV appears. One or more corporate officials and several volunteers also will be on hand at the various events.
Written information about the track proposal will be available, and youngsters can pick up a “Matchbox” car or wrist band.
The scheduled events so far include the Quicksilver hydroplane races in Silverdale this weekend; World of Outlaws Event at the Skagit Speedway, Aug. 25; LeMay Museum Open House in Tacoma, Aug. 26; Kitsap County Fair, Aug. 27; Kahne/Stewart Charity Sprint Car Race at the Skagit Speedway, Aug. 30; and Bremerton Blackberry Festival, Sept. 2-4. The RV also will be at the Puyallup Fair.
I just thought you might want to know.

4 thoughts on ““Back the Track” RV

  1. I just popped over to the http://www.race2wa.come website and checked out the “Who Supports the Track” portion of the website. Looks like a pretty broad coalition of civic, business, and union leadership that doesn’t consist of people used to backing “pork barrel” proposals. Where’s the list of groups opposing the track? How can so many groups be for the track if it is supposedly so bad for Kitsap County?

  2. Zachary, you ask, “How can so many groups be for the track if it is supposedly so bad for Kitsap County?”

    It is possible to support the idea of building a speedway without also swallowing hook, line and sinker the proposal made by ISC.

    It is also possible that many of the people who say they support the proposal don’t understand it.

    Don’t put everyone into one of two pigeonholes. Sure, there are people who don’t give a darn what the economic or fiscal impact is — they don’t want the track for other reasons. And, there are people who want the track no matter what impact it has on anything. But, those aren’t the only two possibilities.

  3. Bob, I would be interested to see what kind of statements or endorsements were issued by the groups listed on the ISC website. I’ve got to believe that they back the current proposal, as it is the only that has been offered by ISC. If they didn’t, they could always ask ISC to take the names off of the website.

    My point is, by having there names attached to the website for a specific proposal they are backing the proposal itself. Otherwise, they should demand that a disclaimer be put on the page by ISC or have their association taken of it.

    What I’d like to see, and perhaps this is already going on at the legislative level, is to see a counter proposal from the state if they are convinced the deal on the table right now favors ISC too much. That’s how negotiations work. We’ve heard some pretty creative alternatives on the message board… let’s get the state reps to pick up the ball and run with it.

  4. A business can support something that might be really good for them but isn’t really the best thing for the state, the county or it’s residents. Some business owners stand to do very well if NASCAR comes in, but unless they share the profits, they should not expect us to offer ISC tax breaks, environmental concessions, infrastructure upgrades and funding. Zach, the County has come back with counter proposals but ISC’s stance has been a take it or leave it approach, for the most part, as far as the public is “allowed” to know.

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