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Bainbridge actress’ ‘Barely Lethal’ on screen May 29

The new film featuring Bainbridge Island’s Dove Cameron, “Barely Lethal,” opens in limited theatrical release and on-demand video on May 29.

The film also stars Hailee Steinfeld, “Game of Thrones'” Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark, y’all!), Jessica Alba and Samuel L. “What’s in Your Wallet?” Jackson.  Steinfeld plays a teen traine11268969_10152838440461373_1464498586879464115_nd from childhood to be an assassin who stows herself away to a bucolic little town to experience “normal” teen age. Cameron (currently starring on Disney Channel’s “Liv and Maddie,” as, well, both Liv and Maddie) plays the daughter in the host family where Megan (Steinfeld) has herself assigned as an exchange student.

“Liv and Maddie” has been renewed by Disney for a third season. She’s also featured in a Disney Channel original movie, “Descendents,” set for release on the mouse-eared cable channel in the very near future.

In his review of the film for Tribune News Service, critic Roger Moore writes, “The best lines go to Dove Cameron, as the edgy, eye-rolling “sister” in Megan’s host family. Her put-downs, long or short, are terminal.”

“Barely Lethal” hits movie screens in selected cities on May 29 before moving on to a wider release. No word yet on when it’ll hit Seattle-area cineplexes. The photo above was taken at the Los Angeles premiere of the film on Wednesday night (May 27).

— MM