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Kelly Huddleston’s got a new career recipe

Kelly Huddleston‘s got something new cooking in Texas.

The former Silverdale resident, who went to college in southern California and stayed there to fashion careers as an actress and stand-up comedian, has moved her base of operations to the Design District of Dallas, where she’s opened a unique culinary school, “The Cookery.” She’s the owner and head chef instructor.

Huddleston, a Central Kitsap High School graduate, teaches her students an out-of-the-box approach to cooking. In her classes, students don’t learn to prepare a meal from a set recip229545_663905591069_2452024_ne. Instead, she’s interested in what a recent feature article at dallasnews.com called “a less linear, more organic approach to teaching and learning.”

“You come in, and there’s no recipe booklet,” Huddleston is quoted in the article. “I’m your guide.”

Huddleston studied acting at Chapman University in Los Angeles and built a strong resume of TV, theater, movie, Web series and commercial work. She was a YouTube sensation for a time as the sleewear-bedecked online college student / spokesperson for Education Connection. She then branched out into stand-up comedy, performing a number of gigs in some of the top clubs in southern California.

Just for variety, Huddleston also worked as a class V river guide on the Kern river (near Los Angeles) for Kern River Outfitters.

Dallasnews.com is the cyber entity of the Dallas Morning News, which published a print version of the article.

Read the story here: http://www.dallasnews.com/life/cooking/2016/12/06/hip-new-dallas-cooking-school-thinks-outside-recipe-box

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Lascelles’ film to screen in Columbia Basin festival

Former North Kitsap resident Debora Lascelles is the director of the film “Upon Release,” which has been named an official selection to the Columbia Basin International Film Festival Aug. 15 to 19 in Vancouver, Wash.

Lascelles, who began her film studies at Olympic College before earning a scholarship for the prestigious cinematic arts program at the University of Southern California, was selected to direct the school-financed short film last year as a senior project.

The announcement isn’t just good news for Lascelles. One of the film’s stars, Kelly Huddleston, is a former Central Kitsap resident now working as an actress and comedian in Los Angeles.

We always thought Kelly Huddleston was a stand-up girl …

Suddenly, Kelly Huddleston‘s career is a laughing matter.

The former Central Kitsap resident, who’s been making her living — and, slowly but surely, a name — as an actor down in Los Angeles for the last several years has let things take a decidedly funny turn.

Notorious for her commercial gig touting a certain online college selection service, Kelly’s also booked roles on the TV series “90210” and “Law and Order,” and starred in a children’s series called “Super Sportlets.” She’s currently starring in a Web comedy series called “Research,” the cast of which also includes the noted actor Barry Bostwick.

But lately, her career’s a joke … or, more likely a series of jokes. She’s got several stand-up comedy performances lined up, including two at the famed Comedy Store (on March 12 and 17, respectively).