Florence LaRue keeps 5th Dimension alive

I talked earlier this morning with Florence LaRue, the lone original member of The 5th Dimension, who piled up the hits in the 1960s and ’70s, and who tie a bow on the Admiral Theatre‘s 2014-15 season with a concert on June 6.

At 71, Florence_La_Rue-rt-port-9087final_16x23-9-2LaRue — who spoke by telephone from her L.A.-area base camp — not only keeps the 5th Dimension machine running, but is also a solo act, a speaker and an author. She’s got a schedule that would run most people ragged.

But The 5th Dimension, she stressed, is at the top of her priorities list right now.

“I fit everything else in around The Fifth Dimension,” she said.

The current group consists of LaRue, soprano Patrice Morris (who joined in 2008), Willie Williams (who replaced Ron Townson after he died in 2001), bass Leonard Tucker (since 2006) and Floyd Smith (the newest member, signing on in 2009).

We’ll have much more from LaRue about The 5th Dimension and her other pursuits in a preview story, probably in the June 5 issue of Kitsap A&E.

Ticket information for the show is available by calling 360-373-6743 or logging on to admiraltheatre.org.

— MM

One thought on “Florence LaRue keeps 5th Dimension alive

  1. Am going to see this show in Norfolk, Virginia, this fall. Am looking forward to it. Like the 5th Dimension so much I would be tempted to buy a plane ticket and fly out to see it there, too.

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