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If there’s news about beer, you should find it here

Sometimes, stuff that comes in after deadline, but deserves some sort of a mention, even though it’s too late to get it into print.
For instance: Garguile’s Red Apple Market in the Perry Avenue Mall just sent me (really; just minutes ago) a notice about a beer-tasting event on March 2 from 3 to 6 p.m., featuring suds from Hood Canal Brewery.
I’m thinking the beer-buffs out there wouldn’t think “missing the published deadline for submissions” would be sufficient cause for depriving them of the opportunity to wander in an sample those excellent local brews. So, here y’go. You can thank me later …

Morning radio: A Partridge in a bare tree …

I was lamenting to a friend that I haven’t reconnected with the Bob Rivers Show since said program exited KZOK (102.5-FM) and (following a six-month no-competition waiting period) re-emerged on KJR-FM (95.7).
The reason I was suddenly missing Rivers and his cohorts and their often-informative, almost-always funny morning routine, was an exploratory listen to their replacement on KZOK, Danny Bonaduce. I gave Bonaduce and cohost/newsperson, Sarah, a week to win me over; long story short, it’s time I wish I could somehow get back.
So, I’m curious … anybody out there listening to Bonaduce and enjoying it? And why? Or, if you’re just a self-professed radio buff who’d like to give a listen to either or both of the morning shows and send me an opinion? Or just let me know what you listen to in the morning …

Juber back in Poulsbo to benefit Harrison Foundation

In April 2010, Silverdale guitar-maker Rod Schenk facilitated a concert by guitarist-composer Laurence Juber in the beautiful (and acoustically superb) sanctuary at Christ Memorial Church in Poulsbo. It was an outstanding opportunity to see an amazing talent (Juber, a one-time member of Paul McCartney’s Wings, is a world-class finger-style picker, and in addition to his own compositions is renowned as an interpreter of show tunes and standards, as well as Beatles songs), and his 2010 show stands out as one of my personal highlights for that year.
Well, if you’ve been watching the A&E calendar, you already know that Juber will be back in Poulsbo on March 25, playing a 7:30 p.m. show at the Gateway Fellowship (18901 Eighth St., reportedly another really nice place to hear music) as a benefit for the Harrison Medical Center’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Fund.
It’s a classic good-show-for-a-good-cause situation. Tickets are $15 on the floor, $8 in the balcony, and a $25 VIP package gets you a floor seat and an invite to a meet-and-greet with Juber. For tickets, call the Harrison Foundation at 360-744-6760 or log on to

Live from The Sungeon: Kitsap A&E has its own blog again

We’re baaa-a-a-aack! Kitsap A&E has a new tool to inform readers about upcoming Arts and Entertainment events in and around Kitsap County, often within a few minutes of when we here about them here in the Sungeon.

Hopefully, the kitsap-ae blog will work hand in hand with the weekly print edition of Kitsap A&E (Fridays in the Kitsap Sun) and the online version ( to keep you informed about what’s going on in the arts and entertainment community.

Of course, Kitsap A&E works best when it’s interactive. The more information you submit, the more we can publish. The more you use the resource, the more folks — both in and out of the entertainment community, both under the Sun’s circulation umbrella and beyond — you’ll reach.

It should be fun. Stay in touch, OK?


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