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Journalism On the Ropes ?

Journalism on the ropes ? Have you ever had a discussion with someone and wondered where they got that view point from on a story ? I would say it is more so then ever , and besides our perceptions and our own built in filters , there I other reasons it appears .

Years of cutbacks to staff working in newsrooms across our country is showing a change in how we receive our news , and with that the quality of our news , local and nationally.


Pew Research Center Project for Excellence said  recent consumers polled  had one third stating they had abandoned a news outlet because it no longer gave the information they wanted in coverage or the amount of coverage in those stories.


Television News employment is down and in the newspaper newsroom employment has decreased by 30 percent. Since hitting a peak in 2000.  Newsweek has gone totally to the Internet , Time is cutting staff .


Coverage of the government on local TV has been cut down by 50 percent in the last 8 years , sports, weather , and traffic now account for 40 percent of the content .  This has caused other people to go elsewhere for their news in record numbers.


42 percent of people under 30 a few years ago said they regularly watched the news , today that number is down to 28 percent .


In the Local daily in our county , The Sun has followed the national trend to go digital , 450 out of 1380 newspapers have gone this way and others considering . Offering a paid digital content to off set the new market to consumers .


The main beef with consumers , 61 percent stated the stories were less complete then that had been .