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Three Sure Ways Of Stopping Poverty


Politics often divides instead of unites . Religion also . But when we shared common beliefs and morality we did appear to have some advantages in stopping the ever increasing chaotic home situations and resulting poverty in so many of  our  homes today. .
There have been quite a few good studies on poverty and links that provide consistent chosen life styles that will work against living or children being brought up in poverty . Many share these values and never realized the added blessings they have .  The Judeo Christian ethic provides more security for families , it should not be taken for granted .
Or should the beliefs there of be reason to condemn others , indeed it should be reason to give others hope .   The state dependence and answers often leave morality and common sense out of their answers . Like actually penalizing homes where the dad is staying in regards to aid , women are actually taught to depend on the state .
Full Time work reduces poverty ,  Having  at least a HS Education ,  Waiting  till 21 to have a baby and in marriage . No more then two children,
The study shows a reduction of poverty by 71 percent .