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Remembering 9/11….Honoring those who serve !

9/11/2013    Never Forget is heard throughout our nation  on the Anniversary  of the attack by Al-Qaida upon American soil .  The attack on our country , without warning , without a coherent reason , 3000 Americans gave their life , many in the line of attempting to save others .  I went to an over pass near Bangor  and Waved an American Flag as cars  went by.   The number of cars that  were honking their horns was quite high , they cared and they remembered .
 I thought at first I was doing something special , then it really occurred to me .  So humbling to be part of the experience of such strong positive emotion and honor because of what others have done .  The horns and approval were all because of those brave souls who have put on uniforms , the first  responders, our military men , our Men and Women who put their lives out there so we can live here with freedom and a set of laws that protects those freedoms .
 My son John who along with thousands who  went to Iraq and Afghanistan, some never to return , injured , scared for life .  We debate policies and politics , they defend them all regardless . They do not decide the reasons , they are there because of their Faith in the American people and a belief in a Free America  .  9/11  is a day we remember those like my son , those who have passed away  those who are hurting ,  those with family that still live with memories and what could have been .
God Bless America .
Received these two emails from my two oldest brothers . Both lived in the suburbs of DC at the time . My brother Ken worked near the Towers.
My brother John’s brother in law Paul Jurgens was a previously decorated Port Authority officer for his rescue actions of an airline disaster .  He was a first responder . Our family lost contact with him and requests for prayers went out throughout our families. We watched the news and celebrated when the false reports came out about rescues , only to go to sleep that night fearing the worse yet still with some hope .
Paul was never found and is one of many first responders who gave his life that day serving his fellow man .
From Jerry Sheldon
Sent Tuesday, September 11 ,2001
Just talked to Sue, ken is fine … he’s further uptown. Likely will spend the night in the City .
Diane’s brother Pete is fine –he travels a lot out of Logan to the West Coast and all over . Not today.
John was not too far from the pentagon when plane hit …he’s fine .
From John Sheldon
Sent September 11, 2001
I work in Arlington,about 2 miles from the pentagon. My workload was such ,this morning, that I decided to leave work about at 8:45 and do my work at home.
While parallel to and within site of the Pentagon . I was listening to the news about NYC and looked at the pentagon and saw the huge fireball. I was able to get out of DC before the closures and the surge of traffic.