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Still the Best Hope:

Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph

Dennis Prager is a Orthodox Jew who writes a column ,is  a radio host and author. “Still The Best Hope “ speaks to the issues relating to the values  in our our current culture and political frame work in the world .  He splits the main differences into three categories . Europeans Style Socialism , Islamism, and Americanism. He spoke to the morality that each group held .He made clear that their were good and bad on all sides of the issues , but made a strong support for Americanism . The book perhaps can explain why say certain people will be more inclined to support a small government view over a larger government view. Why those on the left will blame  crime on poverty , racism and another group  will blame individual morality . A few distinctions I took from the book are below , Leftism is a term used for the European Style Socialism view , secular in nature . Americanism is a reflection of the Judeo Christian ethic morality. Atheist, Jews , Christians and all groups of people also can share in this morality . Atheist for instance may have no belief in God but still appreciate the freedom and choices that the morality of those with a Judeo Christian Ethic  do extend .




Americanism will  support Liberty , In God We trust, E Pluribus unum their 

 main concern …… Liberty                                                                                 


Leftism   material Equality


Americanism believes Individual character builds strong communities                

Leftism   Get rid of in equality and you will have a better behaved society.


Americanism believes in  Small government  ,

Leftism believes in Big Government


Americanism believes  Wealth should be created                                     

Leftism    redistribute it


Americanism believes values are Universal,taken from the Judeo Christian ethic.

Leftism  Relative to individual and or society


Americanism believes Evil comes from individual                                                    

Leftism socio economic forces causes wrong doing .


Americanism family headed by mom and dad                                                          

leftism  Only Love is needed in families


Religion should be in our society                                            

Leftism believes   Secularism should be only in our society


Americanism believes  America is exceptional.

Leftism believes America exceptionalism is a chauvinistic doctrine


Americanism believes Evil is our biggest threat                                                            

Leftism believes Global warming is our biggest threat.


Americanism believes  Teen age sex should be discouraged by family and society          

Leftism says Teens will do what they want , teach safe sex .


Americanism teaches some cultures are superior then others                                            

Leftism believes No culture is superior

   Americanism believes America is the least racist society                                                  

Leftism believes Racism is all around


Americanism believes Violent crimes caused by individuals                                           

Leftism believes Violent crimes caused by inequality 


 Americanism stands for a strong military Pacifist did not free Jews from death camps                               

Leftism believes War is not the answer