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Harrison Hospital Receiving Help

 One  Secularized System Only For Health Care Hurts all of us  !



One of my favorite films is the Bells of St Mary’s . Still gets plenty of play around Christmas time . It seems to capture the Christmas Spirit of Love , forgiveness , and believing in the best part of humanity . Bing Crosby at his best . Would a film today show a Catholic priest , Nuns , a school as a place we would want our children . or even by some to even allow it ?

In deed our culture has changed .

Recently it was revealed of the intentions of Harrison Hospital to merge with the Franciscan Health System . Immediately secular progressive voices sounded the alarm . Abortion , sex changes and the right to kill oneself was among the complaints . The following is from the Hospital concerning the merger.

“Franciscan Health System and Harrison Medical Center have signed a letter of intent (LOI), a non-binding agreement to affiliate in order to improve access to high-quality healthcare services for residents of the Kitsap and Olympic peninsulas and North Mason County.”

“To increase quality of care ,  access to care, reduced costs,  Harrison will continue to be Harrison , their abortion and assisted suicide policies are consistent with the Catholic beliefs” .

But as in other areas , concern and prejudices have been seen and heard.  Perhaps somewhat hard to understand the morality to those of us who see Care for the sick as such a needed and  directed  function to perform by people of faith. .  Especially when a religious organization is helping our community and providing better and  more affordable services .  Not even raising our taxes to do it . But morality is exactly what is being seen here . Not immoral , but different moralities . Leftism has a secularized value system , and their intention is not to hurt. But what I have noticed Leftism has always done t is to promote a  system that believes it has to be totalitarian in nature.


The following link is an interesting NPR article that reports on another Washington State County where a similar merger took place and the negative reaction.


Fears of a Catholic monopoly dominate talk of hospital merger.

The testimony was one-sided. Hundreds of people turned out in Arlington, Mt. Vernon and Anacortes, hammering away on one point:“I urge Island Hospital not to affiliate with a faith-based hospital,” says Hal Rooks of Anacortes.