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Georgia House and the Message of Resurrection Sunday.


Faith Fellowship and Georgia House were in the news on Resurrection Sunday .  The Saturday before I got an email from my church , Olympic View Assembly of God asking us if  we could help Pastor Randy Wagner , his Congregation and other volunteers to do a make over of Georgia House .


Been thinking of our changing culture , how it has caused many Christians I know including myself feel as though our country is slipping away . But  Religion in politics has had  a harmful effect on our culture from my view . Rome was quite ruthless and intolerant in its years before Christianity took hold Sexual immorality was everywhere , Rome  was tolerant of most belief systems while promoting a culture of indulgence  and corruption .


Christians did not take the stand of my God is better then yours, or that I am a better person because of my religion . Force legislation and causing life time politcal enemies in the process. They promoted a culture of loving their neighbor and loving God . It caught on .


Faith Fellowship reminded us of this last Sunday . Single moms , women who are hurting , made bad decisions or made right ones but had bumps in the road , just needing a safe place , Love , a helping hand is what Georgia House is all about .


That is the Christian message , that is what our Lord did on the Cross , He forgave us , and told us to forgive others . Politics brings solutions , but it also brings life time enemies .  Christ brings forgiveness and a new start .


The best pro life message I have seen has not been political , it has been those who have received the Love and Forgiveness of Christ and sharing that with others . Mentoring them and  helping them to follow the Cross .