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Character Counts Is Lacking Character

Elections often invite passion and strong disagreement .With a media doing its job providing sunlight and fair reporting , those passions can be checked . They are stopped before they become avenues for character assassinations and divisive paths that destroy our communities .The past couple of years we have seen a group of individuals hide behind an anonymous group name called Character Counts.

They attempt  to  hide behind a veil  of anonymity in order to violate the hope of open and honest debate built into our democratic system . The organization Character Counts found on Face book originally claimed a non partisan status. In the beginning its claim was to stop a candidate for the 23rd District James Olsen and expose his miss conduct..

I have contacted democratic candidates all denying any connection with the group. The comments from this group often attacked other candidates and issues. The attacks were all on Republican candidates. The non partisan aspect is no longer advertised and the group has grown. In the Prosecutors Race  the Republican Challenger was personally vilified for just knowing James Olsen,. Donors to James Olsen’s candidacy were openly mocked . The ridicule even went to wives of candidates on line. For instance one Character Counts member called the wife of candidate James Olsen a dog . Tea Party members were linked to sexual graphic images. 

Through out blogs members of the group have come out in vitriolic attempts to intimidate and ridicule any and all opposition . The complications behind anonymous sucker punching being allowed to continue like this abuse common decency . Once behind their computers this group become zealots for their cause . Embarrass James Olsen and all who disagree with any means necessary. We have seen this in the past targeting Democratic Commissioner Chris Endresen when she was a commissioner with an anonymous web page, political aspirations hold no specific side  that is better to the possibility of miss conduct  when unchecked .


Originally I was going to name names , give a long list of quotes of over the line quotations from their Anonymous Face Book Account and throughout the media in Kitsap County. Attempt to defend the honor of the community members they vilified, some friends of mine . Quote their religious mocking of different Faith groups from Mormons to Catholics . The names and quotes I got personally directed toward myself for attempting to stand up to them . I have been contacted three times personally by my private email and personal Face book Account . Once being told to stop or else. Not sure what else meant ? All three times intimidation was attempted to silence their apparent justified attempts to bring the James Olsen down or criticize their methods. This cyber bullying should not have been ignored or turned a blind eye to for this long by the Kitsap media . Leaving these issues to partisan and anonymous groups divide communities after the election s are over.




Outside Independence Hall when the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended, Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”