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Academic Intellectualism Promoting Intolerance ?


Has Tolerance been replaced with Academic Intellectualism
Recently I have come to the conclusion the best two sides of the cultural debate can do is basically agree to disagree. There have been a change in how we learn, how we see the world.

After World War Two our Universities and Colleges boomed in their ability to educate our citizens . In those years America was celebrated , our Faith Institutions were respected and even supported . For instance Yale, Harvard , Princeton would have mandatory chapel once a week for underclassmen . History was taught with facts , yes American History has aspects that show inappropriate parts , but the facts bear out a free people moving forward . Our Arts were celebrated , Poets like Robert Frost ,Picasso, Leonard Bernstein were known and celebrated world wide , not just in America .Robert Frost actually spoke at the inauguration of JFK , If an American poet spoke today at at an Inauguration, most people, except those in the Art world most likely would not know who he was . America changed . What made our Universities turn out journalist and lawyers who were taught theories instead of facts.
In the book America Lite: “ How Imperial Academia Dismantled Our Culture”
David Gelernter the author goes through the steps of how America changed , in the opinionated book it takes basically a conservative education system , which did not even allow coed dorms , where liberal intellectuals spoke out against our involvement in World War Two and such , but were in the minority and were ignored or tolerated . The blame on America for the our woes became a dominant voice in our Universities in the late 50s. Setting the stage for the sexual revolution, the anti capitalism beliefs of free markets of the left , the support for  collectivism  that was only tolerated a decade ago was now the main themes taught in our our our colleges.
Speak now to dedicated leftist in this country , and you find facts matter less than theory . For instance the unwed birth rates in this nation pre Roe V Wade was basically consistent at 5 percent . It now is 72 percent in the Black community , 50 percent in the Hispanic community , across the board in all communities it is a dangerously high 40 percent . The leading cause of children moving into poverty shares one basic denominator , single moms . Our Judea Christian culture once supported and celebrated even in our Universality’s is now sometimes quietly ignored . Women and men are now taught to be interchangeable . Title 9 takes the view that boys liking to play sports more than girls is actually discriminatory . If males and females cannot be seen as interchangeable , you are discriminating . The word equal means different things to different people today .
New  intellectuals see the power and rich of today America as being evil , gaining their fortunes on the backs of the masses. The policy is to take from the evil powers of yesterday and give them to all deserving masses. To think otherwise is supporting evil and not deserving TOLERANCE . The intellectuals teach the college student their theories and our open minded youth of today absorb their teachings . Not how to think , but what to think . How did this come about ? Why did the established education system flourishing after we participated in the most destructive war known to history , where basic freedom over tyranny and oppression was actually in question. Why has the collectivism views that murdered even more after the war by Stalin and his peers being supported while our lost of freedom freedom to government is being ignored.
It seems to be just a quiet change of guard . But this new intellectual view in our Academic teachings still use some of the oldest beliefs recorded in history . Pagan Earth Worship for instance , the sacramental view of homosexuality , ancient pagan beliefs sandwiched with new intellectual theories . The point is , disagree and your not worthy of tolerance , you are theoretically supporting evil , and that’s all that is important .
Is this over , nope , history is still being written . Real history .