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Local Media ..Cyber Bullies,Character Counts and the New Atheist

Part One

 Cyber Bullies , Character Counts and the New Atheist


This is a three part series on the Cyber Bullying. I requested participation from the Sun Staff who participate in the monitoring of their blogs but received no willingness to do so.


Michael Scherer |In a Time Magazine article recently spoke to the growing problem we face with Cyber Bullying . In political discourse, community discussions , and how this is reflecting on our children. Cyber Bullies have even directed what we find in our Google searches he points out. Google Santorum and you will see descriptions of the byproducts of anal sex. Rick Perry’s Face-book page had women bombarding it with all sorts of explicit questions about their sexual habits, their sexual health and even Perry’s own contraceptive use .Protest groups will use social network pages in efforts to embarrass public figures in ways that make a political point. The bullies are present from both side of the political spectrum. Of course the end result is many of us are caught in the middle of the obscene and personal attacks . Causing many to give up using social media as a way to enhance community conversations.


A new book I recommend for reading to explain some of the acceptance of this new changing morality of communication by anonymity with sliding scales of morality  is called “America Lite”

Written by David Gelenter. He speaks to academia and how after world war two our educational system flourished , we embraced our art, poets , and history . Then a new culture embraced our Universities, our history became neglected or apologized for , our art was ignored .Basically Post-religious globalist intellectuals actually embraced an educational system where the more you participated , the less tolerant of traditional culture you became. Not only question beliefs , but a belief you should be ridiculed for holding them became standard practice in many of our Colleges .


Many of the consistent bloggers on the Sun who use a united and organized means of cyber bullying come from a Face Book page called Character Counts . Used to address their hatred for a bombastic and conservative candidate in the 23rd District . They also promote a far left political ideology.

In a recent blog by the Sun Editor David Nelson, he spoke to the issue of anonymous blogging . He defended it with a perception I believe is shared by many of the views of our local Universities . According to Mr. Nelsonthere’s others who won’t engage cooperatively or listen to reason”. Any kind of religion or political  views is what  cyber bullies maintain stops people from listening to reason . Their views are reasonable , disagreement is a sign of ignorance. They advocate the view that “religion should not simply be tolerated but should be countered, criticized, and exposed by rational argument wherever its influence arises. On the Sun’s blog their stance is taking a child to Sunday School is equal to child abuse .


Both groups of cyber bullies have members that flood the media outlets using shame, blame , and hostile personal references to any and all that do not support their political ideology / pagan worldview .

Perhaps what we are seeing is the results of the cultural war . A Judea Christian ethnic belief system being seen as out of touch , inferior , and with out a need to tolerate , but an actual inferior morality needing to be exposed .

Part Two and Three will discuss each group that has taken control of the local media’s local discussions.