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Religious Backlash seen in Republican Primary

There has become a genuine fear placed in the hearts of American citizens because of  recent policies implemented by the present Administration . Rick Santorium sudden rise in the polls is an indication of it , and as of yet the mainstream media has not addressed it .  In NYC public schools attempted to exclude churches that had been paying rent to use empty school buildings on Sunday mornings  in the inner city . The School Board refused to allow it any longer , yet still allowed other groups the same access . A liberal court upheld it . Fortunately the NY legislature set in right by making it illegal to discriminate based on religion , but the concern is why the court allowed it ? Also it was not widely reported upon except through religious and  conservative media .
The Gay marriage issue in this state has seen the media report upon the bigotry homosexuals deal with , and of course reported the issue through a lens that has avoided many of issues also . Many have also seen those use  bigotry while supporting Gay marriage to further their attempts to hinder religious freedom . In many public institutions it has become not only socially unacceptable to show a strong belief in God , but it has become acceptable to express a view that religion is evil and intellectually dishonest .
Now Catholic Institutions across this country have come under attack , Catholic services offer help to people from health care to inner city schools .  The Obama Administration attempts to force Catholic Charities conform to their policies   that support abortions and other issues that go against their religious teachings has caused a back lash among all religious groups . Might as well tell people who to pray for .
If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under God, then we will be a nation gone under.
Ronald Reagan
We’re All Catholics Now
By David French
February 6, 2012 3:43 P.M.
I’m not the first to comment on the Obama administration’s breathtaking assault on religious liberty, I won’t be the last, and I’m certainly not the most eloquent. I am, however, a lawyer prepared to do something about it. At issue are two competing visions of religion in American public life. For the Obama administration — beginning with its stance that federal employment laws trumped even a religious organization’s selection of its own ministers and now extending to dictating that religious employers must violate their deepest beliefs as a precondition for maintaining their core religious mission — has decided that religion is nothing special, really. It’s nothing more than perhaps just one competing business philosophy — some businesses read Good to Great, others read the Bible, and some read both. In any case, all are subject to the benevolent embrace of the all-encompassing state.
The opposing view looks back to the Mayflower and to a past immeasurably enriched by the most robust, tolerant, and vibrant religious expression in the developed world and realizes the essential importance of our nation’s “first liberty” — religious freedom. We are who we are in large part because of our respective denominations and faiths. Indeed, “the better angels of our nature” (to borrow from Lincoln) have again and again sprung from our faith communities — from the indispensable role churches played in the Revolution, to the abolitionist movement, to our struggle against fascism, to the fight for civil rights, and to the present, world-leading philanthropy of American citizens.
If our courts — and our citizens at the ballot box — choose the Obama administration’s view, then the Europeanization of America may well become irresistible. As the Obama administration assaults our nation’s great Catholic institutions, it’s time for the church universal — the holy catholic church — to unite. Do we not all value our liberties? Do we believe that the state can love its citizens better than Christ operating through His followers? And for our nation’s Protestants, are we so wedded to our distinctions from our Catholic brothers and sisters that we’ll fail to rally to their aid much less closely examine our own apparent willingness to quietly cover and fund abortifacients?
It is times like this when the words of our creeds matter. We are, in fact, part of the “holy catholic church.” We are one Body. The Obama administration should and must face a completely and firmly united American Christian community. As far as the Obama administration is concerned, we’re all Catholics now.