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Best Salad in the World

DSC_0453OK, I know, I’m a healthy person and I should love salads, right? Well, I don’t. Or rather, I didn’t until this salad found me.

Over the solstice weekend Mum and two of her wonderful friends from the Winslow Cohousing Group came to stay at my family home in Seabeck. I had no idea they were going to revolutionize my feelings towards salad.

That Friday evening, they lured me away from my work with calls for dinner and wine. I have to admit I wasn’t all that excited to learn salad was the only thing on the menu, but I could sense there was a lot of love in this meal. And the fact that Mum and her friends are radiantly glowing people helped me feel that whatever they’re eating, I want!

Anyhoo, when they asked if I wanted beets and candied ginger, I hesitantly said, “Sure, I’m open to anything these days.”

After we all shared what we were grateful for on that wonderful solstice evening, we dug into our colorful salad.

“WOW!” popped out of my mouth before I’d even finished my first bite.

It was seriously the best salad I have ever eaten. I shared it again this week with my boyfriend, and he said the same thing – unprompted even!

So here it is, the recipe for the Best Salad in the World:

Use whatever amounts work for you…

  • Shredded salad greens – can include baby kale, red lettuce, swiss chard, beet greens…just no iceberg lettuce
  • Candied ginger – cut into tiny pieces (you can buy it in bulk at Central Market in Seattle, Bainbridge or Poulsbo)
  • Shredded beets – I’ve found I like them on top because they’re so pretty
  • Nuts – I like salted sunflower seeds or cashews best, but almond pieces and other nuts are delicious, too
  • Black pepper – fresh ground over the top to your taste
  • Olive oil – pour over the top for dressing
  • Balsamic vinegar – pour over the top for dressing, to your taste
  • Optional:
    • fresh nasturtium flowers (for additional prettiness)
    • crumbled feta or other cheese
    • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (for additional saltiness and healthiness)
    • Chopped fresh parsley, chives, rosemary and other greens

DSC_0455All you need to make any salad taste good…no need for bottles of dressings. Add lemon, garlic and herbs for additional flavor

Yum, yum, YUM!

Maybe if I eat enough of this I’ll glow like Mum and her friends…

What’s your favorite salad? 


DSC_0446Happy Salad Eating!


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