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Cricket Love

OK, so this has nothing to do with sustainability. But it would be my Dad’s birthday if he were alive, and, well, I felt like doing something a little different today…

Look away if you’re allergic to cuteness.

I just went into my bedroom for a moment and found this:


I don’t have kids. Instead, I have a dog named Cricket. She is definitely treated like a hairy little child, and I swear she can talk and understands almost everything I say.

I’m sure no one finds her nearly as cute as I do, but really, how adorable is this little mug and curled toes, eh?!


She goes with me on many of my shorter kayak and standup paddleboard trips, she runs along side my mountain bike and cross country skies, she hikes, she gets me out walking in the woods in front of my house every day, and she, well, she just makes me happy.

So I thought I’d share the happiness.


Happy Birthday, Dad, and Happy Adventuring to You and Yours!


Spring and Cricket

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