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Toddler Adventure at Valley Nursery

Sustainable_Spring_Coco_Rooster_2014Tuesdays are wonderful days in Springland because I get to spend all day with my best two-year old friend, Coco Parker.

After dance class in the morning we have some free time before lunch, so I like to do something fun, unusual and educational.

Last week we went to a park and walked in the woods, where she learned about Red Alder catkins and we marveled together at a Rufuos Hummingbird that hovered above our heads.

This week the sky threatened rain and I needed potting soil, so I thought I’d take a chance and see if we could make Valley Nursery a playground since it was on our way home. I spent my first ten years growing up on a plant nursery, so I secretly hoped she would love it, but I was dubious.

Little did I know, we were in for a treat!

First of all, the garden art near the parking lot was a playground in and of itself, with roosters and butterflies and all kinds of colorful things.


When a staff person saw how infatuated she was with the metal rooster, she said, “Did you know we have a REAL rooster and some chickens?”

Coco and I looked at each other, grinned, took each others’ hands, and ran in the direction she had pointed.

photo 1

We spent the next fifteen minutes hanging out with the chickens and the rooster, cockadoodle-doing and talking about who’s a boy and who’s a girl.

Then we found the koi pond and the little gnome home next to it – a beautiful site for any age.

photo 4

photo 3







It started to sprinkle, so we headed into the greenhouse, where we smelled all kinds of herbs and talked about what a greenhouse does. Peppermint proved to be the winning smell in the herb department.


The inside of the store proved to be almost too much stimulation, so I paid for my soil, we said, “Goodbye Rooster!” while a Valley employee loaded the soil for me, and off we went for nap time.

It was a perfectly fun activity, though Cricket was a little jealous of the little human that takes her place on adventures sometimes. All the activity made for a sleepy ride home!

What are your favorite free, environmental-ish activities for kids?


Happy Adventuring!


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