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Local Food Restaurant is Returning to Kingston

Besides a good score at Goodwill, not many things excite me as much as finding food grown in my own community. OK, I’m easily excitable, but not everything makes me squeal with joy the way I did when I learned that the Food Shed ladies plan to open a new restaurant near the Kingston ferry.


Pam Buitenveld and Leslee Pate founded The Food Shed in 2010 with the goal of “promoting conscious consumption by advocating local and sustainable food systems.” They’re also big fans of demonstrating and spreading the concept of “edible democracy.”

How cool is that idea? I definitely want to be a part of this goodness.

Until 2013 they ran a cafe on a farm in Kingston where they also taught classes on traditions such as humane animal processing, fermenting, preserving, and curing.

food shed
Mmm, free range chicken…sorry buddies, but you taste pretty darn good!

In the cafe they served hand made pastries and other food made from locally sourced ingredients, all of which I’ve heard was incredibly delicious. I’ve been so sad that I learned about them only after they had closed!

BUT, if all goes well, I’ll get another chance to partake in their bounty…

They plan to open a new Food Shed restaurant soon in Kingston, but to do so they need some financial support. Anyone who supports the local, organic food movement can pitch in with loans in $50 increments. It’s a cool fundraising campaign as you’ll get paid back in 24-48 months. I don’t have much money, but I had to pitch in for this one! It’s super easy on the Community Sourced Capital website.

I believe in voting with my dollar, and this is the kind of vote I love to cast.

AND, I just learned they’re entering lenders (called square holders) into a drawing for a dinner for the lender and five friends! If you win, can I be your friend?


The fundraiser ends March 31, so no dilly-dallying if you’d like to jump on board.

I hope you’ll join me at their event on Friday, March 21 to meet the founders, see the new location, learn more about their work, try out some appetizers and signature cocktails and have a good time with others interested in this kind of thing.

Click here to see the event information on their Facebook page.

Time: 6:30-9:30 pm

Location: 26185 Ohio Ave NE, Kingston, Washington 98346.

Please check it out, pitch in if you can, and pass it on. I hope to see you at their restaurant and classes!

Click here to learn more about their fundraiser.

Check out The Food Shed YouTube video

Here is The Food Shed Facebook page

Happy Sustainable Eating!




3 thoughts on “Local Food Restaurant is Returning to Kingston

  1. Pretty cool and I simply LOVE the idea of community loans. There’s not much better place you can invest than in your own community.

  2. Spring described a resource I didn’t know existed and am very pleased to learn about. Thank you for your blog/subjects.

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