Snow looking likely tonight into Sunday

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According to radar (as of 3:30 pm), we have a big plume of moisture moving to the north east and just mere hours away from hitting the central sound:

Screen Shot 2014-02-08 at 4.37.35 PM


Chances are most of Kitsap will end up with anywhere from a trace to 2″ of snow with this band. Snow showers could linger into the morning hours Sunday before turning to scattered light rain showers.

Question: if it’s 36 degrees outside right now, how can it snow? Usually temperatures as mild as the mid 30s means a cold rain, but if moisture is heavy enough it can actually draw out colder air and sink the temperature to freezing or near freezing levels. This is called evaporative cooling and work similarly to how we produce sweat to cool off in the summer.

So keep your eyes to the sky and send in pictures if you have them! Also, stay tuned to updates as they come.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Matthew Leach

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