Any outdoor weekend plans? You might be in luck

What a wet Wednesday morning! Luckily things have begun to taper off, but not without achieving an impressive .25” of rain in the past 12 hours.

By the time March rolls around, we start to say things like, “Well, surely the snow can’t stick around much longer. Winter is nearly at its end!” And then after a few more bouts with snow, especially in and around the convergence zone, we tell ourselves, “This is the last one. I’m sure of it!” Of course, by April snow is a thing of history.

We’re sort of experiencing that same attitude here with cold, rainy days. Surely it will end soon, right?

April and May are the transition months from relentless rain to glorious Northwest sun. In fact, our summers are typically very dry in comparison to our winters. July averages only 0.86” of rain, which is less than we’ve experienced in the past 3 days! With that said, today will be the last real soaker in a while.

Forecasting models have been fighting over whether we’ll experience periods of troughing through the weekend (cooler weather with sprinkles) or ridging (warmer weather with sunshine). Either way, after Thursday it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much in the way of any rain.

Therefore, after Thursdays showers and sunbreaks, expect partly to mostly sunny skies from Friday through the weekend and into next week. Morning clouds and drizzle will definitely be a consistent pattern, but with the afternoon clearing high temperatures should manage to climb into the upper 60s to low 70s. This should make the upcoming weekend the nicest we’ve seen in at least two weeks!

In fact, the long range forecast models indicate we won’t be seeing much in the way of steady rain for several more weeks. This certainly makes sense, because just as March and April feature less and less in the way of snow showers, June and July feature less and less in the way of rain showers.

Stay tuned for Saturday’s blog post, which will discuss what “meteorological summer” is all about.

Have a great day!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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