February 2013 Month in Review: No more fog, but plenty of cloud cover

Several of my friends and relatives admit February is their favorite winter month. And why not? It is the proverbial “light at the end of the tunnel” after our dark, dank winter days unofficially beginning in November.

But not this February.

No, this February lived up to her sister months by providing us several cold, wet days followed by some sparkly rays of sunshine. Not to sound too pessimistic, but these rays of sunshine really only lasted long enough to reflect off the wet roadways and near-blind our already cautious Washington drivers.

So what was the deal with February? Are you ready for some statistics? Here’s a temperature graph of our short 28-day month:

february 2013 month stats

Any guesses as to how we averaged out? Here’s the raw data:

Average high temperature: 45.0

Actual high temperature: 45.6 (0.6° above normal)

Average low temperature: 31.7

Actual low temperature: 33.7 (2° above normal)

Average overall temperature: 38.3

Actual overall temperature: 39.6 (1.3° above normal)

Although we managed several wet days, most of the days we perceived as being “drippy” were actually just cloudy. As sad as it sounds, only 4 out of 28 days this past month were NOT recorded as cloudy. Despite that glaring statistic, we only managed a paltry 2.80” of rain for the whole month, a good 3.42” below our average 6.22”.

But every bit of that 2.80” of rain counts! Who could forget winter storms “Rambo”, “Batman”, and “Sherlock”? Or how about our first legitimate windstorm of 2013? When all was said and done, February was a welcome break from all the fog and stale weather January gave us. It still wasn’t nearly as active as you’d expect a “neutral year” to be 😉

So let’s sit back and see what March can do. Stay tuned to this blog and the Kitsap Sun homepage for daily weather information.

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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