You thought 50 degrees was impressive? Let’s shoot for 60 this weekend…


Hello, everyone! Sorry for the lack of posts the past couple days. Hope you’ve been able to make it to work or school OK without my life-saving forecasts! 😉

We are about to say goodbye to February, a month that has featured fairly cool, wet and cloudy weather. We now look with anticipation for the marching in of…well, March on Friday.

They say March rolls in like a lion and in one sense that will be true. After a wet and somewhat mild day tomorrow, we’ll get a break from the action on the first day of March. A cold front will stall off the southern B.C. coast, so we’ll be on the warmer side of the system. Remember how we made a big deal about exceeding 50 degrees a week or so ago? Yeah, well we’re about to outdo ourselves again with the possibility of reaching 60 degrees on Friday. The last time we reached 60? October 16th, 2012.

Unfortunately for those with spring fever, we cool down slightly for Saturday, then cool down quite dramatically on Sunday with high temperatures falling into perhaps the mid 40s (hey, that cold front can’t stall over B.C. forever! ;)).

So I’ll be on the look out for the 60 degree reading! Spring is almost here, I can feel it!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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