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Groundhog Day prediction: Six more weeks of…?

The groundhog is the only rodent with its own holiday

Photo by: Jeff Swensen/Getty Images

Once again our loveable rodent, Punxsutawney Phil, set out to make “the most important weather prediction to be found anywhere on the globe,” according to Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor Jim Cawley.

Early this morning, in front of a large international crowd, Phil emerged from his burrow and…did not see his shadow. Therefore, an early spring is in the forecast. But how accurate is this over-sized ball of fluff? According to groundhog.org, he is right 100% of the time. You might also find this experiment interesting, where the National Climatic Data Center put Phil’s predictions to the test.

For our sakes, I hope he’s right! The short term forecast doesn’t look very spring-like, and we still haven’t exceeded 50 degrees since November 6th, but we must maintain hope that today’s clouds eventually burn off.

So take this pro-spring forecast how you will!

Have a great weekend,

Matthew Leach

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