Weather Channel calls for the next 3 months to be “colder, to much colder than normal”

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I know, this is exactly what everyone wanted to hear! Now, those who know me understand I don’t like national weather companies, but the Weather Channel is pretty good overall (this does not mean you should bookmark their weather page for your forecasts! That’s why I’m here ;)) and seemed to do a good job predicting the overall weather pattern for our neck of the woods thus far.

So what do they have to say about the February-April time frame? Well, the video is kind of funny in that they talk about the upcoming late winter/early spring pattern as if the Western US doesn’t exist at all, but…well, we should be used to that 😉

Click here to watch The Weather Channel’s long range forecast (February-April)


Did anyone notice how they started out saying the jet stream would sag for the eastern half of the nation and it showed “warm” temperatures for the West next month, yet they produced a second map showing we would actually average colder than normal for February?

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Not sure what that is all about, but with the jet stream acting that way there’s one thing we can be sure of: We’re in for a lot more dry weather.

Not too surprisingly, they are calling for a colder than normal March and a MUCH colder than normal April. Yeah, that El Nino kind of bombed…big time.

My thoughts generally coincide with the Weather Channel’s, although I am noticing strong indications of a warmer and drier than normal February. We’ll see.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, we’re back to playing the rain game after a cold intermission of clouds and fog. However, I’m keeping my eye on midweek. Could see some wet snow in a few Kitsap locations if everything lines up just right. Looking on the bright side, this weather pattern will help clear out the stagnant air 🙂

Have a great evening, everybody!

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