From fog to rain with little break in between

Well Kitsap, I tried.

Sometimes weather forecasters and the general public believe that  if that little golden orb of light is shining on the 7 day forecast, such will be the case with no exceptions. Then again, if you’re from Washington you know that golden orb is taunting more than anything else. Take a look at this satellite image from this afternoon:

1-19-2013 fog

As strange as it sounds, if you travel closer to the foothills or coastline, you’ll find temperatures soaring into the 40s and 50s! A couple days ago some foothill locations actually recorded temperatures in the 70s. What has Kitsap been doing the whole time? Oh, I think you know. We are sitting in a bowl of freezing fog and freezing temperatures. Today was quite a bit warmer than yesterday, but still…the fog has overstayed its welcome.

So when will this inversion end, you ask? Well, we need some good mixing, and since we can’t get it in the way of strong sunlight or strong wind, we’re going to have to settle with rain. This means we’ll see locally thick areas of fog and freezing fog until early Wednesday morning when a moderate pacific system rolls through. Right now this looks like a fairly warm storm, so temperatures should rise dramatically.

From Wednesday we start to take another downward trend in temperatures. Right now I’m looking at mainly mostly cloudy skies with cold rain, but some forecast models show flakes in the forecast as soon as next weekend. Nothing is a slam dunk as of yet, but I’d say we definitely have a better chance at seeing colder than normal weather in the next 6-14 days than warmer than normal weather.

As always, stay tuned! For now, enjoy the weekend and try to escape the fog if you can 🙂

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap