After the cold and snow comes the sun!

I will never pretend to understand the weather here, but I will always strive to predict it the best I can. The past month has featured some pretty crazy weather, and there appears to be a strange light at the end of the tunnel that I have a hard time trusting. Believe me, after spending two years in southern Africa I have seen my fair share of mirages!

But something tells me after Saturday’s overly complicated forecast we’ll take a break from our action-packed seven day forecast discussions and revert to cruise control. And let’s just say you won’t hear me complaining about it 😉

It was a cold day today with Bremerton Airport reporting a high of 36 degrees. Some of you reported a mix of rain/snow showers a couple times during the morning/afternoon hours, but for most of us it was a cold, showery January day in Western Washington. Temperatures will drop below freezing tonight, so watch out for slick spots! Skies will clear for the most part tomorrow, but don’t be fooled. Highs will still struggle to make it out of the 30s, with mid to upper 30s a common number around the peninsula.

And then there’s Saturday. Rumor has it we could see a widespread snow event on Saturday, and my honest opinion is…probably not. What it is looking like right now is a cold, partly to mostly cloudy day with the chance for some light snow showers. I still think some accumulations are possible, especially on the western half of Kitsap County, but this is in no way looking like a Hollywood blockbuster. Highs will stay in the 30s with icy lows in the 20s.

And you know, the darnedest thing happens after that. Skies will clear on Sunday which will pave the way for warming temperatures and a little string of partly to mostly sunny days through mid week next week. Highs will also get back to normal, if not slightly above. The main story will be the lack of precipitation over the next 7 days as a large area of high pressure builds in overhead.

I don’t hear many of you complaining about that 😉 And I don’t know, if you ask me I still think we’ve got enough ammo in the jet stream to give us one more snow chance before winter is over.

Have a great evening!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap