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The fog days of winter

Evening, everybody!

Here’s bringing up some old news: I spent Christmas in Island Park, Idaho and missed the snow event here on the Kitsap Peninsula. Thankfully, some of you e-mailed in your Christmas snow pictures. Here are a few of them:

SEABECK (sent by Don Geidel, taken by a friend)

Christmas Day 2012, by Seabeck Post Office[2]





Thanks to all who sent in photos! Seemed like another fun day around the peninsula.

As far as the forecast is concerned, we’re going to switch gears from a dry spell (July-October), a wet spell (October- mid December), and a cold/snowy spell (mid December) to a cool/foggy spell. As is often the case around here when a large ridge of high pressure sets up over the region after a long rainy period, fog will be a key ingredient the next few mornings. There is so much moisture in the air and on the ground that even the smallest dry spells call for more fog than sun.

Still, things are at least looking fairly dry with a few sunbreaks until the first weekend of 2013, which sounds so far away even if it’s only in 5 days 😉

Taking a peek into the long range, things look fairly seasonable in terms of rain and sun over the next week and a half. After the past couple weeks, I can say I am OK with a break in active weather!

Have a great evening,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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