PHOTOS: “Snowpocalypse 2012”

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I read a comment on one of the Kitsap Sun news stories about our recent snow that read something like, “Well, at least they didn’t call it Arctic Blast 2012”. That got me to thinking: What should we name this most recent snow event? Some Kitsap locations recorded over 3 feet without any arctic air, so surely “Arctic Blast” wouldn’t be the most appropriate name.

Then it hit me: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2012! So very fitting.

Here are some photos to remember this “snowpocalypse” by (December 15th-19th, 2012):

CUSHMAN-Photos by: Snowmizer

Heavy, wet snow near Cushman. Photo by: snowmizer

snowy kitsap 2













HOLLY AREA– Photos by: Don Geidel

Big Snow Storm 003









Big Snow Storm 007














Big Snow Storm 008

Big Snow Storm 011

HOODSPORT AREA- Photos by: Ida Graham (with Jerry Seterdahl)




**BONUS: Digging out the Northway ski lift at Crystal Mountain– Photo by: Jim Jarnigan

crystal mountain snow

There you have it! Snowpocalypse 2012 🙂

Of course, several of us may not necessarily be done with the snow pictures this year. Forecast models are still very consistent in bringing in another round of heavy, wet snow for at least the western 2/3rds of Kitsap County and Mason County. I’ll give another Christmas snow update tomorrow 🙂 Until then, enjoy your Saturday!

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Forecasting Kitsap

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One thought on “PHOTOS: “Snowpocalypse 2012”

  1. Wow! I need to get out more. But here at McWiliams and Central Valley, the amount was scarce. When I went to Poulsbo, I was surprised how much snow they still had.. Perhaps those systems that take a NNW course through the gap hugs west and pours out on Poulsbo. And if the storm tracks SW through the gap, the road goes SK and CK.

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