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Stormy weekend update #1: Snow chances increase early Saturday

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Hello, all! I apologize for the lateness of this post, especially after promising a forecast update this evening. Well, I suppose it’s still technically evening, but very late. I was involved in a minor accident just outside of Seattle which, as you can imagine, occupied much of the time I would have spent tracking down storms!

But everyone was OK and I am writing this entry safe and sound 🙂 We have quite the stormy few days ahead of us and I will talk about these in greater detail tomorrow morning, but for now I’d like to address something of interest: snow. Remember how I discussed the potential for some spotty lowland snow Saturday night into Sunday? Well, latest forecasting models have moved up the timing a bit and are projecting locations along the Hood Canal spreading east to the higher hills of Central Kitsap run the risk for an inch or more of snow (perhaps much more), but at the very least a mix of rain and snow.

This is not a slam dunk by any means, but by tomorrow afternoon there could be a few locations from about Silverdale eastward that see snowflakes fly, and possibly accumulate. Here’s the latest 3 hour snowfall map from the UW GFS:

So again, the likeliest places to see snow fall will be closest to the Hood Canal, but locations as far west as Silverdale could see flakes as well.

I will monitor the situation and give updates tomorrow morning! And I don’t plan on any more accidents, so I’ll be more prompt with the update 😉

Sleep well,


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