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**FLOOD ADVISORY: It’s no trick! And it’s not a treat either…

**By way of announcement, Bremerton saw 2.26″ yesterday, along with another .75″ so far today, bringing the storm total to just over 3″!**

Happy Halloween everyone! This is my first Halloween since being back from my two year missionary service in South Africa and Namibia. They don’t celebrate Halloween over there, so today would be just another October 31st (although two guys with white shirts, black slacks, and name badges was certainly enough to scare some people away! :)) I must admit, I missed this holiday and it’s good to see so many people using this day as an excuse to dress up and scare the living daylights out of others! (No wonder South Africans thought us strange for celebrating such a holiday… ;))

My costume has had several malfunctions already, so I fear this Halloween will be like many in the past: dress up as a weatherman. And on a day like this, I think such a costume would provide plenty of frights and scares as the meteorologists in Seattle issued a Flood Advisory early this morning in anticipation for area flooding. Certainly not a washout by any means, just somewhat of an inconvenience.

So, just expect minor flooding in and around area streams throughout the day as heavy rain persists (so it turns out my word choice of “deluge” a couple days ago wasn’t so dramatic after all! ;)).

The Halloween Forecast: Mostly cloudy with rain tapering off to showers. Temperatures will be near 50 degrees most of the evening, dipping into the mid and upper 40s as the night wears on. So sure, bring an umbrella, but the weather will greatly improve by this evening :

Here’s your treat: Friday looks pretty nice overall. In fact, I expect we’ll see quite a bit in the way of sun breaks with highs in the upper 50s.

Here’s your trick: Rain will promptly follow Friday’s sun breaks and continue into next week.

Ah well. We’re used to such impossible weather, aren’t we? I’m sure by now costumes have been adjusted accordingly 🙂

Have a safe and fun night everyone!

Matthew Leach

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