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Long Range Thoughts: Had enough yet?

It is downright cold outside today! Temperature gauges all across the peninsula are pulling some unseasonably cold readings for this time of year with 43 degrees and 0.10” in the rain gauge. Perfect chili weather if you ask me, but some of you are…gasp!…complaining about this weather!

One moment we’re all dying of thirst because of the “drought of the century”, and the next we’re scrambling to build our own arks! I understand the change in weather has been traumatic for some of you and I think that’s why Mother Nature is going to put the current weather pattern on repeat for the next couple weeks so we don’t suffer another major shock to the system 😉

But all jokes aside, the jet stream doesn’t look any weaker over the next 14 days. Temperatures will warm slightly, yes, but the fire hose is aimed right at us, providing one storm system after another access to the great Northwest and in turn, giving the mountains a nice, pre-season snow pack.

If you’d like an even more specific look inside the long range forecast, look no further than the 7 day forecast. Just take this weeks worth of weather and duplicate it. Aside from some scattered sunbreaks mid week and towards the weekend, expect mostly cloudy skies, showers, and highs in the 40s to low 50s through Sunday. Meanwhile, highs in the 20s with persistent snow is in the forecast for Stevens Pass!

All in all, yes a rather boring forecast all things considered, but let us all remember what life was like several weeks ago 😉

Have a great day!

Matthew Leach

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