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BOO!: A sneak peek Halloween forecast

Good afternoon, everyone! Hope you’ve had sufficient time to dry off because we have more storm systems and downright cold weather on tap after this short commercial break (meaning today ;)). Included in this forecast is some more mountain snow showers! In fact, take a look at this picture taken yesterday afternoon:

That’s right! Those are snowflakes falling at Stevens Pass. And sure enough, the forecast for the next week includes a chance for snow every day. So let’s hope this isn’t a bad omen for winter 😉

Now, with the weather behaving the way it has the past several days, I got curious and took a sneak peek at what the projected weather pattern will be like on Halloween. Of course we must remember it’s a long range forecast, but Halloween is becoming less and less long range as the days go by (imagine that!).

Needless to say, those little costumes portraying ghouls and goblins (or Justin Bieber if you live in Tacoma) may need to be covered with a little rain jacket. Luckily, the current forecast calls for a wet Halloween day, but a chilly, somewhat dry night. Bring the umbrella just in case, though 🙂

That’s a relief! I need an umbrella to match my weatherman costume, anyway! 😉

Stay warm and dry, folks!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

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