The all-too-common “80 degrees in September” scenario arrives

Before we get to the weather, I’d just like to say how much I, as well as many other students and staff at Central Kitsap High School, loved Ms. Frances Story. I knew her as a funny, sassy and quick-witted grandmotherly figure who knew how to teach students in the most memorable of ways. Ms. Story passed away after a long battle with lung cancer this week and she will be greatly missed.

I remember one morning she substituted my English class and began by expressing her frustration over the frequently misspelled word “receive”. “It’s ‘i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c’, or I’ll kick you in the knees,” she said with a straight face. Do you think anyone ever misspelled “receive” again in her class? Not if they wanted their knees! 😉 She was loved, respected and admired by all. I will very much miss her good humor, warm heart and tactful teaching. (Click here to read a Kitsap Sun news story released a couple years ago highlighting her 80th birthday celebration)

Rumor has it the weather this Labor Day weekend will be flawless, spectacular, enchanting, blissful, heavenly, gorgeous, stunning and/or simply nice. Well, that’s quite a tough order to fill, but if you’re not too picky, I think we can make this work 😉

First of all, the weekend will be kind of split in half. This means that Saturday will be the sunnier/warmer day, while a weak trough of low pressure will throw a few more clouds into the mixture and as a result cool the temps a little bit for Sunday. Either way, however, high temperatures will remain solidly in the 70s. Yeah, not the 80s some of you were hoping for but…don’t worry, that’s coming 😉

Labor Day itself will be overall lackluster and forgettable; that is, if your life revolves only around weather. If it doesn’t, then the outcomes of Labor Day will largely be in your control. 🙂 A thick marine layer of clouds will make for a mostly cloudy start to the holiday, but skies should clear enough to allow temperatures to at least hit the low 70s when all is said and done.

And then…wow. September will come in with a summery bang! As it appears now, we may be looking at an all-too-common case of 80 plus degrees in September. In fact, according to monthly temperature data gathered at Bremerton Airport, the last September we had that DIDN’T reach at least 80 degrees was back in 2005, and even then we got to 78. So this isn’t too rare, but we’ve certainly been spoiled these past 7 years!

Tuesday through Friday of next week will be one gradual increase to 80 degrees and, potentially, beyond. A thermally induced trough will likely set up shop once again which could take temperatures a few steps further. For now, we’ll go conservative with highs on either end of 80 🙂 Oh yeah, and did I mention skies will be mostly if not completely sunny most all of next week? Score!

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend everyone!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap


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