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WeatherPix: Cool weather photos from around the country

It’s good to be back in Washington. When we arrived last night, there was a dramatic temperature difference of about 20 degrees, and boy did it feel great!

As we scaled the Cascades on our return trip, we caught this picture of clouds streaming down the mountains:

Of course, that picture just doesn’t do the actual sight justice! But I found a few other weather photos taken this weekend that you may be interested in.

Phoenix, Arizona (submitted by nukegm, WeatherUnderground)

Clearwater, Florida (submitted by davebarber2, WeatherUnderground)

McKinney, Texas (submitted by DizzyBazinga, WeatherUnderground)

Dust storm approaching a town in Arizona (submitted by nukegm, WeatherUnderground)

Usually these cool pictures come just before, during or immediately after severe storms. I kinda wish we had more storms over on this side so we could snap some cool photos! But Western Washington’s stormy period doesn’t start until October, so we have a ways to go 😉 If you have any cool weather photos to share, feel free to e-mail them to me at: forecastingkitsap@live.com

As for your 7 day forecast, isn’t it amazing to believe we were well into the 90s this past weekend and will be as low as the mid 60s by Thursday? Summer will take a brief break as Tuesday through Friday highs will dip well below normal in the mid to upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies.

The weekend forecast is still a little iffy as of now. Some models are saying a strong trough of low pressure will swing through the area, while others paint a large ridge of high pressure building up, which would bring high temperatures to normal or above normal levels. For now, I left the forecast mostly cloudy with highs below normal, but that’s subject to change!

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap