Long Range Thoughts: We may not see 90 degrees again until 2013!

**A RED FLAG WARNING has been posted for the Kitsap Peninsula. Click here for more details**

So we made it to 93 degrees yesterday, a few degrees off the projected 97, but I don’t think many of you are complaining 😉 If anything, this heatwave turned out to be cooler than the one that we experienced just a few weeks ago! Hard to believe since 93 and 95 hardly feel any different. 🙂

Granted we usually average about 5 days a year at or above 90 degrees, I am confident in saying we’re done with our streak of 90 degree weather…at least, until the year 2013. There are a lot of natural reasons why this would be the case, but it looks like other factors could play a role in keeping us more on the normal to below normal side of things in the temperature department.

First, at the beginning of this month we reach our peak in high temperature averages. KOMO 4’s Scott Sistek drew this model to represent where we go from here:

On the other hand, here’s where we are on the precipitation scale:

So, statistically speaking, we’re just naturally going to be getting a bit colder and wetter from here. But you already knew that! The CPC, or Climate Prediction Center, released in their latest prognostic discussion that lowering heights (lower pressure) will be a dominant factor along the west coast and the northern tier of the U.S. We’re certainly not going to get downright cold by any means, but certainly a return to the more typical cool, cloudy and, at times, wet forecast.

As for the short term, however, rain won’t be a factor for the next 7 days (aside from, of course, the random thunderstorms that are predicted to show up this afternoon/evening, but even then it will mostly be dry lightning). Highs in the forecast period will fall below normal to the upper 60s and lower 70s and clouds will continue to be a morning and night event. You can always remain hopeful for the afternoon sun breaks each day, however, so we won’t be totally closed in.

Try to take some shots of the lightning tonight if you can! I’ll be traveling back to Silverdale tomorrow morning.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap



2 thoughts on “Long Range Thoughts: We may not see 90 degrees again until 2013!

  1. Matt:
    Good info and I agree. Statistically and otherwise it is this time of year that I lbegin to ook for the first sign of Fall. The energy from the Sun is more indirect. Hot sunny days are not so hot. It is a sense of Fall that you feel in the air that is unmistakably the tipping point. Of course I have not felt it yet. But I am looking.

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