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Record heat possible: Kitsap to have hottest weather in nearly 2 years

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Looks like it will actually happen!

You know, in June and July a forecast like this is a sketchy one because summer is just barely getting itself established after the almost always over long winter season. But when we get into August and there’s the possibility of strong offshore flow from our already baking eastern neighbors, you just know summer is about to deliver.

The image you see above spells out one of many scenarios for Kitsap County on Sunday. Do you see that pinkish glob sitting just south of Belfair? That’s a bubble of potential 90+ degree weather with the rest of Kitsap County practically engulfed by 85+ degree possibilities. Now, we may not hit 90, but we’ll get pretty close. Here are the record highs for August 4th and August 5th:

Saturday (4th): Record-87 (2005); Forecast: 88

Sunday (5th): Record– 86 (2005); Forecast: 86

According to current forecasting models, it wouldn’t be very hard to break these records, especially with a persistent east wind forecast to remain steady throughout this mini heatwave (and as a side note, this will help dry things out. Remember the humidity a few weeks ago? This is our classic set up for “dry heat”).

And isn’t it kind of sad these numbers are the highest we’ve seen in nearly two years? On July 8th, 2010, Bremerton Airport recorded a high of 91 degrees. August 2010 also featured a few 90 degree readings, but aside from the stray 80+ weather in September of 2010 and 2011, true summer warmth has been hard to come by.

Rest assured, those of you dreading this upcoming warmth will only have to endure it for a couple days. Our trusty marine influence will moderate things quite a bit for the new week, offering highs where we’ve seen them most of the summer. But don’t worry summer fans. Long range forecasting models indicate we may not be done with the warmth!

Oh, and you probably couldn’t help but notice the thunderstorm icon between Sunday and Monday on the 7 day forecast. There’s a possibility of some convection around Sunday night/Monday and I wouldn’t be surprised if a few “lucky” locations saw bright flashes of lightning as a result. The main threat of thunderstorms will be over the Cascades, but we all know what happened last time someone predicted mountain thunderstorms 😉

Enjoy some true summer warmth for a change!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap