Oh, that darn marine influence…

Ahhh…now THIS is more like it. Today’s official high temperature at Bremerton airport is 79 degrees (as of 4:15 this afternoon, anyway) while other weather stations in Poulsbo and Port Orchard are showing 83 and 81 degrees, respectively. Are you ready to get warmer? This weekend will be the nicest one we’ve had since…mid May! And even then, temps were “only” in the upper 70s/low 80s.

A slowly building ridge of high pressure is amplifying the conditions for warm and dry weather this weekend, although we don’t really have anything out there weather-wise helping us reach record highs. Remember July 2009 when we reached the triple digits? Yeah, that wasn’t just due to natural summer sunshine, that was due to anomalous heat spilling over from Eastern Washington in what is termed as “offshore flow”, hence the flow was coming off the mountains, not the beach. But over the next several days, while “onshore”, or “marine”, influence will be slight, there will be just enough of a cool ocean breeze to keep temperatures from achieving their full potential.

This is similar to what happens in the winter here. Remember, if we want a good snowstorm we need lots of moisture (the ocean) and lots of cold air (the Cascades), but we must get both of those ingredients from opposing sources. Any cold or heat we get from the east is usually extreme in nature, but because of our close proximity to the ocean, more often than not things end up getting neutralized.

With that being said, tomorrow and Sunday both will continue to be very warm with highs in the low to mid 80s, although don’t be surprised to see periods of high clouds or haze throughout the day. We’ve been trained by now to see clouds and think rain, but that won’t be the case for at least the next 10 days 🙂

Monday through the week next week looks largely comfortable and pleasant. Clouds will increase as the week goes on, as well as the marine push, but high temperatures will still stay near or slightly above average despite the sea breeze. Expect daytime highs in the mid 70s with lows in the low to mid 50s.

This looks to be the trend for quite a while, so get out an enjoy the summer weather! 🙂

Have a fantastic and safe weekend,

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap


2 thoughts on “Oh, that darn marine influence…

  1. Matt,I have not heard any thunder or saw any lighting in some ages.I cant recall any this year so far.

    I know that certain conditions need to exist before we get them,but what gives?

    They have had some in the ‘conversion zone’ but nothing here 🙁 I find that very very odd.

    1. Hey Shawn! Well, I think your question is answered 😉 But, the reason why we haven’t had much in the way of thunderstorms is largely due to our spring climate the past several years. We’ve been far to cool and wet to experience much in the way of atmospheric tension, although in particularly heavy cells that develop over the Puget Sound Convergence Zone, the atmosphere can get charged up for at least a few stray lightning strikes.

      Mountainous/desert areas are more prone to thunderstorm activity because of the extremes in temperatures and climate. You would’ve loved South Africa! Now THERE’S some thunderstorm activity 🙂

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