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Summer weather for all, but not all to be treated equally

Happy Independence Day everyone! What a beautiful day it has been. This afternoon my family and I went to the Mariners vs. Orioles game in Seattle and we experienced two months in just a few hours. Our seats were in the shade a good part of the game and a persistent cold breeze caused all of us in the shade to shiver. It felt so cold, many people were asking, “Is it February or July?!”

So at around the 7th inning we moved from our location in the shade to a sunnier spot a couple levels down and what a difference that made! It finally felt like summer to me, and it has taken since May 19th when I came back from my mission to South Africa to experience such exquisite weather. Luckily, that means tonight’s viewing of fireworks will be seen under mostly clear skies, although temperatures will fall into the 50s overnight, so bring along some sweaters. And, as promised, it’ll get warmer from here.

Now, I’d like to show you an image from one of the temperature maps I saw today detailing what Monday, our potentially warmest day in the next 7, will be like:

Remember, this blog is dedicated to the citizens of the Kitsap Peninsula, so the 7 day forecast graphic has to reflect a sort of “average” of temperatures all over. With that being said, how many different colors do you see on the above temperature map for the Kitsap Peninsula? I counted 4, and that’s quite the range of temperatures! We could be anywhere from 83-86 degrees in the southern most regions of Kitsap, 80-82 degrees in central Kitsap, 77-79 degrees in north Kitsap and 73-76 degrees in the far northern regions of Kitsap!

Now, this isn’t an unusual case for those who have lived on the peninsula a long time, but I felt the need to highlight the variables all over the area so you’ll know where to go for the warmest temperatures of the weekend/week. It certainly appears those closer to the water/far northern regions will be warm, but not too warm as the marine influence will stunt temperatures quite a bit. But just like the Hood Canal region hogs all the snow in the winter, it will be the place to go for the warmth in the summer.

Temperatures Friday onward look to average in the low 80s with only some slight marine influence early next week. But even then, temperatures should stay solidly on either side of 80 degrees for the next week or so. Long range models are inconsistent as to where to go from there, but that’s ok. It’s sometimes best to take things 7 days at a time 🙂

Enjoy the festivities tonight and be safe!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap