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A closer look at “fire weather”

From time to time in this blog, we discuss a little bit about weather events outside our bubble that are of popular interest and concern, such as the devastating wildfires wreaking havoc on regions in and around Colorado Springs, CO. In a CNN article posted just a few hours ago, weather is referred to as “an enemy” with regards to maintaing the growing fires. So far, 35,000 residents have fled their homes in anticipation for worsening conditions.

Fire weather can consist of any of the following: extreme heat, high winds, thunderstorms and/or very dry conditions. Currently, the weather in Colorado will feature all of the above as highs over the next several days will stay in the 90s with a chance of thunderstorms. Tonight will be an especially frustrating night for firefighters as winds could gust as high as 30 mph. To read more about the fires, please click here.

Remember to keep those suffering from these devastating fires in your thoughts and prayers. The best thing they could have right now is some rain, although for the next seven days it looks pretty dry.

In this part of  the western U.S., our weather will be quite run-of-the-mill. Tomorrow will be the start of an unfortunate downhill trend for cloudier, cooler and wetter weather through at least the first half of the weekend. Next week looks to start off beautifully with highs stretching into the low and mid 70s under mostly sunny skies (maybe even mid and upper 70s Tuesday).

I won’t ruin the forecast by telling you what happens after that 😉 For now, enjoy the weather we have right now!

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap