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Which day this week will be 70 degrees?

It seems like the last few weeks have featured at least one 70 degree weather day each, most of which occurring over the weekend, so the popular question now is: when will our next 70 degree weather be? Our last flirt with 70 degrees was Saturday, and after today a lot of us still think we’re overdue for truly warm weather. After all, today’s high temperature was only 59 degrees!

Well, I have some good news for you: we’re up for perhaps a couple days of 70+ degree weather before we get cruelly tossed back into the cloudy, wet, cool summer weather pattern we’re getting accustomed to.

Tomorrow will be a lot like today, although we should see a bit more in the way of sunbreaks in the afternoon. Highs will be a few degrees warmer than today in the low 60s (isn’t it sad that the low 60s is considered warmer?)

But then we have Wednesday and Thursday. We have a ridge of high pressure build in through the day Tuesday that will allow for warmer temperatures and clearing skies for mid week this week. Wednesday should bring us near 70 under partly sunny skies, but it’s Thursday that we should have our eyes on for much warmer temperatures than we’ve been experiencing. Right now, weather models are advertising mid 70s for our day on Thursday, which could be our warmest day this month if that pans out.

You knew this was coming, but Friday through the new weekend looks like…well, most of this month. Mostly cloudy, chilly and showery. I’ll do a long range weather update in a couple days and we’ll take a peek at what July looks like right now…it doesn’t hurt to dream!

Have a great day,

Matthew Leach

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