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How wet did we get?

**Side note: The 25 degree reading at Bremerton airport has not been confirmed and it is likely a typo, however a Forecasting Kitsap blog viewer reported a record of 25 degrees in Belfair, and WeatherUnderground even puts Bremerton Airport’s low temperature at 24 degrees. Stay tuned!

Just a quick post this evening. It was sure a sloppy day as a rather sizable rainstorm by any month’s standards barreled through the area. The National Weather Service recorded 0.52” of rain had fallen by 7:55 am, and the six hour total by about 11:15 am brought us to 0.75”! This definitely exceeded the amount of rain weather models were suggesting as of yesterday. Seattle was only slightly “drier”, with 0.65” of rain recorded.

Depending on where you live, you might have had different statistics. A large Olympic rain-shadow shielded many residents in the Port Angeles area from the brunt of the storm. Weather stations out there recorded a paltry 0.01” of rain…for the whole day! It’s amazing how the topography of Western Washington makes so many different weather senarios!

Luckily things calm down from here. Tomorrow won’t be spectacular in most people’s books, but it will be a touch warmer and brighter. Only a few showers will linger with occasional sunbreaks in between. Highs will reach near 60 degrees in most areas.

The weekend still looks half and half. Saturday will be partly sunny to mostly cloudy with only a few spotty showers in the morning, but from there we should remain dry until later Wednesday afternoon with highs near 70.

Enjoy your evening everyone!

Matthew Leach

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