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Winter time temperatures recorded at Bremerton Airport

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Ok, it wasn’t THAT cold this morning, but it was sure close to our average low temperature in December! Around the sound lows this morning dipped in the upper 30s to low 40s, making for a rather cold start to an early June day. I don’t know if you happened to come across the weather data from Bremerton airport today, but I was surprised to see a low temperature reading of 27 degrees recorded on the National Weather Service site that tracks hourly temperatures.

So was it 27 degrees this morning? No, not likely. Because many other stations recorded upper 30s to near 40 as lows (Shelton included), I’d say it was probable we were in the 30s, especially the locations closer to the Olympic Mountains. Because high temperatures haven’t even been able to reach 60 degrees for the past three days, any night time clearing that occurs (like last night) will result in rather chilly low temperatures. It also probably felt a lot colder this morning because the humidity was near 100%! 43 degrees and 100% humidity in the early hours of the morning isn’t the most comfortable combination!

Rest assured, night time temperatures will get a little warmer, but the day time temperatures will still struggle…that is, until the weekend. But first let’s talk about tomorrow’s rain event:

This is a total 3 hour precipitation map ending at 11:00 am Thursday morning. For those who don’t read weather geek, this amounts to near 0.50” in the AM hours of Thursday. So, it would be safe to say tomorrow morning’s commute will be a messy one with cool temperatures and heavy rain. Perhaps if there is any good news to be shared, it’s that the wind will be light. The rain will taper off to showers by the afternoon and a few sunbreaks may be spotted, but they’ll be far and few in between as showers rotate throughout the area. Highs will remain in the mid 50s.

Friday will also feature rain, clouds and cool temperatures, but the rain won’t be nearly as heavy or persistent, and we may even catch a few sunbreaks, but to most it will be just like another November-like rainy day.

Saturday through Monday will be progressive in the 1) sun department and 2) temperature department. We’ll gradually say “good ridance!” to the steady rain and introduce partly to mostly cloudy skies for our weekend with only a slight chance of showers, with the threat most likely on Saturday, although any shower that does pop up will be brief.

Monday we have the opportunity to reach the low 70s and stay near 70 degrees through the middle of next week. Showers arrive earlier in the day Wednesday, but as of now it looks insignificant and the weather should be pretty stable most of next week.

The good news is, long range weather models are still teasing us with some classic Washington summer weather (70s/low 80s) for the middle/latter part of the month. Cross your fingers!

Have a good day,

Matthew Leach

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