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Incredible Cloud Formations in Wyoming

I always love the semi-annual trip to Lovell, WY where my grandparents have lived for over 50 years. In fact, they currently live in a house right next door to the one my mom grew up in! And add the fact that I have lived in Silverdale my whole life, and you can safely assume our family finds a good place to live and stays put.

That will be a good and bad thing in the years to come for me—good because I have grown to love the Northwest in such a unique way as well as build relationships few people growing up get to have the opportunity to do, but when I head off to Cape Town, South Africa next month I will be in for a real shocker. Talk about taking a huge leap out of my comfort zone!

Anyway, while on this trip I have been able to take a couple cool cloud photos that I find are unique to the wide open West. Take a look:


Have fun in the thunderstorms tomorrow! Watch out for the pea-sized hail, gusty winds and downpours you lucky sons of guns. I’m going out four-wheelin’ tomorrow with grandpa and the fam, so I’ll be sure to catch some more cool pictures!

Stay classy, Kitsap,

Matthew Leach

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Chilly, Stormy Pattern to Continue Through April


Naturally one of the strongest winter (or spring now?) storms of the season strikes the Northwest, and I’m in Montana/Wyoming visiting my grandparents looking at gray skies and a soggy ground. Not great timing. But that’s OK I suppose. A little bit of snow is forecasted while I’m here 😉

So how long will this stormy period last? A while, unfortunately. Climatology (and long range data) suggests a colder, stormier April than usual with the significantly warm episodes like last Wednesday much less frequent. El Nino springs typically end up being chilly and wet, and this will also help in last minute snow pack build up.

I know…I’m kinda disappointed too. In the mean time, get ready for unstable conditions today with some thundershowers/heavy downpours occurring throughout the afternoon. The rest of the week will feature the familiar cloudy skies and periods of heavy rain.

Hold on to your umbrellas, Kitsapers! Summer will be here before ya know it 😉

Matthew Leach

Forecasting Kitsap

Questions? Comments? E-mail me at: forecastingkitsap@live.com