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No, It Was Not 72 Degrees Today, But We Were Close!

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I typically ignore those big bank thermometers because they are typically very inaccurate, which is what you would expect from a sensor facing the sun. This reminds me of the 116 degree reading  from a Port Orchard bank this past July!

As I was driving home from work, that same bank read “72” degrees. I rolled my eyes and said, “Yeah right! Not a chance…” and checked the Bremerton National Airport reading when I got home and it read 66 degrees! I thought for sure that bank temperature was over doing it by a mile. Guess they can be accurate…when the sun isn’t shining directly on the sensor. 66 or 72 degrees, either way it was a beautiful day today! But nothing beats 119 degrees and snow 😉

After days of promising the return of clouds and rain (which was a promise thankfully not delivered until now), today looks to be the last really warm and sunny day for a while. Weather models are insisting clouds, showers and cooler air will infiltrate the state by tonight, meaning a return to typical March weather. Later Friday into Saturday, however, we should get a little breather, but highs will remain pretty chilly. Clouds and showers return for Spring Break.

Are you traveling during Spring Break and want to know what the conditions will be like? Let me know in the comment section or e-mail me, and I’ll fire a forecast at you!

Have a great rest of this sunny, warm day!

Matthew Leach

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