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**SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT: Much Colder with Hood Canal Snow Possible

**A SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT highlighting an abrupt change to colder, more winter-like weather has been issued by the National Weather Service in Seattle. Read the statement here**

Uh-oh! Sound the alarms! And I KNOW many of you will: “I  heard that it was supposed to snow 2 feet on Tuesday!!!”

But please, for my sake, read the details and THEN proclaim to your family and friends the riveting news 😉

The National Weather Service in Seattle (and myself) has been tracking a very cold series of weather systems headed for Washington State originating in the Gulf of Alaska. This is where we typically get our coldest, juiciest weather from (happen to remember December 2008?). While not nearly as juicy OR cold as December 08, we’ll get a brief taste of what winter is REALLY like around here with colder highs (low to mid 40s), colder lows (low to mid 30s) and the potential for some oh-look-that’s-really-pretty-but it’s-not sticking-to the roadways-so-school-is-still-open snow.

So, the details:

Tomorrow will be mostly cloudy with increasing rain and cooler temperatures. Kind of a typical Washington day, so let’s not dwell too much on THOSE details.

Monday will be pretty unsettled, but this will be the day to watch the East Puget Sound Lowlands and the “convergence zone” (north King/south Snohomish county line) for some wet snowfall. Precip and snowfall maps indicate moisture won’t be lacking and a small coating of snow is possible for the local hills in and around Seattle (not so much on our end, though. Precip doesn’t seem to want to shift westward). Highs will be much cooler in the low to mid 40s with partly sunny skies.

It’s the Monday night into Tuesday time frame that needs to be watched for the Hood Canal/Kitsap Peninsula area. Indeed, a more gracious slug of moisture combined with already borderline low temperatures (32-34) could produce some snowfall and even accumulation immediately along the Canal. Nothing huge, but certainly worth watching. Snow showers off and on are likely through the day Tuesday as highs will struggle to make it much beyond 40 degrees, but warmer weather will enter the picture Tuesday night through the end of the week.

So again, nothing extraordinary, but certainly exciting nonetheless considering our lack of lowland snowfall this winter.

Stay tuned to this blog for further updates!

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