Much Colder *and More Interesting* Weather Next Week

This is EXACTLY what downtown Seattle will look like on Monday! (Psstt…just kidding. I can only dream…)

January and February have been incredibly dull winter months for weather enthusiasts and many of you have been asking when the next shot at some more interesting weather is to be expected. For the longest time I haven’t had a very encouraging answer, but weather models have recently converged on a much colder weather pattern evolving next week. In fact, it may be the coldest week we’ve experienced since…December! But sadly enough, that’s not saying a whole lot 😉

Before we get to next week, let’s focus a bit on the weekend. Boy will it start out beautifully! Tomorrow will be warm and mostly sunny with highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s (ok, maybe not WARM, but fairly mild!). Clouds will increase Saturday night resulting in a pretty cloudy Sunday. Rain chances will increase as the day wears on. Highs will be a good 10 or so degrees colder.

Monday will likely be the coldest day of the week with highs struggling to reach much beyond 40 degrees, which sounds ridiculously cold compared to the record warmth we’ve been experiencing. Any heavy downpours will yank the snow level down to 500′, so some hail and/or slushy snow on the local hills/Seabeck area/Green Mountain wouldn’t surprise me, though nothing will stick and it will be very brief. Still, it will be a cold, raw day no matter what.

We warm back up to normal (near 50 degrees) by mid week but cool off again, though not as dramatically, by the end of the week. The BEST news out of all of this is the mountain snow. If a convergence zone sets up Monday, not only will that area likely see slushy snow but the mountains will get a dumping. Yay!

So get out and enjoy the mild 60-degree weather tomorrow because you’ll be pulling out the mittens and heavy jackets come Monday!

Also, stay tuned for further updates. You all know how badly I want Monday to turn into some freak “Day After Tomorrow”-type blizzard, so keep those fingers crossed 😉

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  1. I am sure one of those people who are really hoping for snow! i am at 525′ and in the convergence zone so i am really hoping i can score an inch…but it most likely wont happen now…lol

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