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Snowcover At Record Highest in North America?

It sure seems that way. Here’s an interesting tidbit from KOMO News Meteorologist Paul Deanno’s morning weather synopsis:

“There have been 44 Presidents since the start of our great country, and none of them has ever lived through a winter as rough as this (although General George Washington would have one heck of an argument there).  At one time late last week, it snowed in 49 of the 50 states in the Union (Hawaii was the lone exception)… and climate researchers are busy confirming that the snowcover in North America has never been higher (since records began).

But… here in Western Washington… we’ve only had three “cool” days since Christmas… and the Winter Olympics — on the same continent that’s breaking snowfall records — they’ve had to postpone skiing competitions due to a lack of snow.”

Pretty incredible! Of course, snow enthusiasts in the Northwest are turning green with envy, so we might as well have some different weather worth celebrating, right? I suppose it depends on your taste of weather, but for the next week it’s lookin’ mighty nice.

A MASSIVE ridge of high pressure is set to park itself over the Northwest by mid week, but we must get through periods of fog and low clouds today and tomorrow before we get to spring-like weather for the rest of the forecast period. Highs both days will remain near 50.

The temperature forecast from Wednesday onward is tricky, as it will all depend on a couple factors: 1) how long it takes to burn the morning fog away, and due to the higher sun angle it shouldn’t take nearly as long as a month ago and 2) how much of an east wind influence we get. That could nudge temperatures close to, and maybe even beyond, 60 degrees late next week and into the weekend.

So look for the temperatures on the forecast map to fluctuate between today and mid week as I’m trying to get a good handle on a definite trend here. I’d much rather have a sunny, 60 degree Saturday afternoon than a 50 degree drizzly one!

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend and cross your fingers for great skiing weather at the Olympics!!!

Matthew Leach

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