WEATHER ALERT: Massive Weekend Storm of Sunshine and Warm Weather to Slam Kitsap

Alright…cut me a break 😉 This winter has been such a loser for weather enthusiasts like me and you have no idea how long I’ve waited to title one of my blog posts like that and I just can’t wait any longer! But I’m not lying to you folks: if you thought today was downright gorgeous, you’ll LOVE the weekend!

In fact, today we were close to breaking a record:

Just a couple degrees shy! And here’s my thought process on this: even though I get easily disturbed by people like Cliff Mass’s hootin’ and hollerin’ over warm weather in the winter, I say if we’re going to be this sunny AND warm (unlike the CLOUDY, WET and WARM January we just suffered through) we might as well break records—and this weekend we may just do it.

Tomorrow’s high temperature record is 53 degrees, also from 1998 (our last mega El Nino winter) and I think we’ll break that without trying too hard. If the fog burns off fast enough, which I fully expect it to, highs will be nudging closer to 60 than 50. Either way, it’ll be a gorgeous spring-like day.

A weak front piddles on our party a bit Saturday night into Sunday morning before we break out into the sun and mild temperatures in the afternoon.

Same dealio for Monday and Tuesday, but weather models are suggesting a deterioration of this tranquil weather pattern by midweek. Chances are pretty good for that idea to fizzle out, however, and we could just continue this pattern.

Well, that’s all I have. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post as I’ll be talking about why this winter isn’t necessarily over.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Matthew Leach

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  1. AS much as I hate how warm it is, if we’re not gonna get any snow i’d at least want it warm enough to go outside and get a tan. LOL. This winter has sucked, already counting the days til NEXT fall/winter.

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